St Mary's Church

Stranorlar Parish

Church of Mary Immaculate (1867)

St Mary's Church
Information on Sacraments

Getting Married

Marriage Preparation: Couples getting married need to give at least three months' notice to a priest of the parish and also to the State Registrar of Marriages (Primary Care Centre, Stranorlar). A standard pre-marriage enquiry form is completed with the priest. This form records information about the wedding and the commitment of the couple to one another.

Couples are asked to participate in a pre-marriage course organised by Accord
(Tel: 074-9122218 Mon – Fri 10.00 a.m. – 1.00 p.m.) or Ards (Tel: 074-9138005/9138031).

Marriages can be celebrated on any day other than Sundays and major feast days. Special marriage cases (mixed marriages, marriages abroad, etc.) should be discussed in good time with a priest before the date is set.

A Child for Baptism

Your child's baptism is a significant and memorable event in your life and that of your friends and family. By asking for your baby's baptism you are particularly thanking God for his gift to you. We want to help you carry out your decision to have your baby baptised by giving you our support. To this end, a Baptism Programme is now in operation in the parish. The aim of this programme is to provide you with all information you need to make the ceremony more meaningful and enjoyable. We are also trying to highlight the link with the parish and the rest of the church before, during and after Baptism.


How to book your Baptism: Contact any of the priests in the parish

Information on the ceremony: In order to prepare for the ceremony, two members of the Baptism Team will contact you by phone and arrange a time that is convenient for you to meet them and familiarise you with the ceremony and fill out details for the baptismal certificate.

Baptism Ceremony: Every Sunday at 12.15 p.m and First Saturday of each month. Please give two weeks notice.

Adult Baptism: We are very happy to make arrangements as required for older children or adults who wish to be baptised. Contact one of the priests for details.